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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 6, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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next at eight. one woman's amazing story of survival. how she lived through being for a week.
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and a major milestone in the (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> tonight at eight. tragedy and survival in the sierra. a northern california couple missing after being caught in a blizzard. a daughter left to mourn her but in the wrong direction. >> he was so far off trail from where everybody was looking. or the search crews were looking. in a >>pam: the man's girlfriend found after a week in the wilderness. malnourished and >> we're very happy that she >>pam: the family of a sacramento week, their loved one has been found. kron four's philippe djegal is here now. with more on >> paula lane says she stayed alive by eating the tomatoes she and her boyfriend packed with them. as well as snow. roderick clifton did not live. he died while trying to find help. but paula did survive. and, her family is overwhelmed.
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>> "we've been through a lot in my family. my nephews, my mom, and we're very happy that she made it." the amoun linda hathaway says its >> tough to keep her composure. she breaks up while talking about the emotional rollercoaster her family's been through the past week, lane. >> "it's been a rough haul waiting all those days it or not." >> she did. >> however, her boyfriend roderick clifton did not. maria clifton says her dad's love for off-roading, may have led to his death. >> "honestly, he probably saw some cool spot where you could see the river or something cool like that and he wanted to go over there and he said, 'hey, i'm gonna try my four wheel drive and probably just go stuck in that storm that came through." >> clifton and lane vanished a week ago after leaving clifton's citrus heights home for a trip up highway 50 to nevada. wednesday night, during a search, paula's brother found her crawling along highway 88-89.
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roderick's body was located close-by -- in the snow. roderick's jeep cherokee got stuck in snow on a side road near highway 88-89. the couple apparently spent the night there before roderick went to get help. >> "he probably said something like, 'hey, you know, it's right up the road, don't worry about it. don't trip. i'll be back." >> but, roderick never returned. >> "he was so far off trail from where everybody was looking. where the search crews were looking. they were so far away from theat. i mean, without paula's brother, who found him, there's no way they would have been found anytime soon." >> paula lane was found malnourished. with frostbite on her toes. authorities say the couple was in such a remote area. their cellphones didn't have reception. >>pam: apple and samsung are back in court. battling over their patent lawsuit. be ready to cut down some of the billion- dollar jury verdict that apple won over samsung but at the same time, apple wants more even more money
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from samsung kron-4's tech reporter gabe slate breaks down what is at stake in this case. >> even though a verdict was handed down in august in abels favor is still very early for this process between apple and the samsung. samsung has not decision and thinks that there is grounds for a mistrial. the judge must decide this, and it is possible that it could be granted a mistrial. otherwise, what is happening is that as these two companies are hashing out this verdict from august apple wants another $770 million in damage and they are taking this to court why they can be impacted. how can consumers be impacted? semipaste to take all this money to apple. samsung is price could go up. or, apple could also sells could also
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be impacted. the samsung is galaxy, s s 2 and the droid charge could be impacted. you can go to nearly any carrier store for free so this is not that big of a deal. in 2013, there is a another trial with the latest hot devices from both companies like the ipad mini, the iphone 5, and the galaxy s3 phone. gabe slate tech report >>pam: in the south bay, the 49ers are celebrating a major milestone in the stadium. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the team's new home is on track. and making significant progress. >> it in the santa clara,here in sc, look up, way up there. in fact 200 feet in the air to be precise. these are the two final steel beams of the 49ers new home. iron workers lifted and
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placed the beams into their installment of the two beams mark the end of first phase of this mammoth project. in honor of that feat, the team's managment, santa the crews making the plans a reality were on hand to toast this turning point which involved signing the beams before they were hoisted up in the air. >> people said it couldn't be done, yet here we are. cannot fathom it until you see it. when you look to this building is chilly three times the size of candlestick park. >> now it is on to phase two which is already underway. that includes putting in the lightning. plus pouring concrete slabs which will provide the foundation for the seats and concession stands. phase three focuses on the interior, like the more than 170 suites and then phase four will be bringing in the enmourmous speaker and video system. speaking of the audio visual component. president and ceo jed york talked about how when completed this stadium will be more than just the teams' new home. >> we do a lot of
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international soccer hosting, concert venues, and not just music groups but also music, it's entertainment and music festivals. concert festivals. >> completion is expected in 2014 in santa clara, terisa estacio, kron 4. >>pam: n-f-l commissioner roger goodell says, the league would be willing to chip- in. to help the raiders build a new stadium. if the team and oakland city leaders agree on a new league could contribute up to 200- million dollars in funding. they are dealing with the denver broncos. kron-4's j-r stone is live at the oakland coliseum with more on this game between rivals.. j. r.? >> pam, what roger godell said is it that could be some of the best news from a
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raider nation this game is nothing short of a potentially ugly. the raiders fans are leaving but they are getting beaten very badly. is a tough night. however, what a fun day. >> talk about a party, the tail gate thursday means dancing in dressing the part. >> i am all metal. , i also see a lot of leather. >> and i do not know how to expect or describe that. flat out raiders for this deli. >> i think that i deserve a free ticket said. >> you show your belly and you should get free tickets? >> yes. >> i do not think that will happen. >> with shouting, drinking
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and this could be eating. >> deep fried oreo... deep- fried shrimp. >> this is good. at this is really good. >> and the scallop certainly hit a spot as well. the best to allocate a meal out here? >> absolutely, there's no question that this is the best. my goodness gracious. it's the best tailgat least we h thousands of people pouring out of the coliseum 26-7 at the last score check. a difficult game for the oakland raiders 3-10 possibly for after tonight's game. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. in other bay area news.
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bart riders may have to prepare to pay more. bart is now considering charging you more money to park at its lots. kron 4's justine waldman tells us how much, and what you can do to try and stop the increase from happening. paying more for parking at bart stations is a possiblity. bart wants to raise the rates based on demand. if lots are full, you'd pay more. if there are open spots. you could pay less money. bart wants the extra revune so it can keep fares down, repair the lots and afford security. some riders aren't buying it. >> i think it is ridiculous. >> it is still a quarter. it will be adding up. justine waldman kron 4 there would like to hear from you and the posted a survey justin waldman, kron 4ahead at eight. it is $5 and west oakland. $2 per day on the peninsula, daly city, colma san bruno,
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south san francisco and the six stations are free to your self hayward, he roared, coliseum, richmond, concord, north concord. all other bart stations and there are 33. south-bay word are free and regular hayward and south hayward is free. >>jacqueline: still seeing some low cloud coverage but visibility not that bad. with the exception of fairfield as that fog is warming. we are respecting fog for the overnight hours but this is the time when we could see it forming for the overnight valleys. that really dense fog is what we could see overnight with the concentration closer to the livermore valley. the deltoid as we take a look at the weather headlines. low
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cloud coverage overnight. cooler temperatures. and the delta could see a look with details coming up. >> >> coming up,the new twists in the saga surrounding software pioneer john mc- afee. who is wanted for questioning in connection to a murder in belize. the amoun >>pam: days of heavy rain brings together. a same-sex couple finally. formally. ties the knot... [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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>> in national news. the florida man charged with fatally shooting an unarmed in a 24-page claim filed today. george zimmerman alleges, the n-b-c's news division defamed him. when it edited his 9-1-1 call to police. after the shooting
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of trayvon martin to portray him as racist. he says it was in an effort to increase ratings. zimmerman is charged with second- degree murder. but he maintains the shooting was in self defense. n-b-c has not commented. >> michigan's legislature has passed a pair of controversial "right to work" bills. despite the protests of hundreds of workers and union advocates. reminiscent of the union demonstrations in wisconsin some months back, this was the scene at the michigan state capitol , while the vote was being taken today. the bills 'limit' workers rights to strike and to picket. also. membership and paying dues into the union, would not be a condition of employment. several protesters were arrested after police say, they tried to rush into secure areas of the building, and were lying on the floor. >>pam: same-sex couples line up in washington state. to apply for marriage licenses. that's because, as of 12:01 this morning, same-sex marriage became legal in the state.
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more than 200 couples were lined up at the county courthouse in seattle. a couple that had been together for 35-years, were first in line. >> "to be number one is really humbling, you know, because i think of all the people who have worked very hard and looked forward to this day. and to be here, i hope they realize, we're just a symbol and all of them are right behind us." >>pam: it will be three more days until they are technically married in the eyes of the state. that's because washington waiting period, before marriage licenses are valid. supporters of same-sex marriage say. today is an important day for their cause. >>pam: local reservoirs have seen a much needed increase in water levels since the bay area got drenched with rain. this is what the uvas reservoir in the foothills
8:17 pm
of the santa cruz mountains looked like just last week. at 13-percent capacity. kron 4's alecia reid is in san mateo, to tell us where things stand now, after our recent downpours. >> the reserves in the santa clara improved significantly. levels are still not exactly where they need to be. since last wednesday the santa clara water district says that the average storage of the 10 reservoirs increased from 74% to 91% of 4 they should be. that is an increase of 4 billion gal. of water. >> we need more. >> depending on the time of year reservoirs' need to be at a certain level. this recent downpours one portion had to be released but accumulation was welcome and others. >> in the east bay levels increased by 3%. these reservoirs are huge even a
8:18 pm
1% increase is a significant amount. these reservoirs are now at 85% capacity. as far as water supply they are in good shape. with more storms, they could release storms to maintain those levels. right now, there's a lot of winter ahead of us and a very need to release water to keep the water levels intact it is a case by case basis. alecia reed, kron 4 news. >>pam: today the clean up continues of the aftermath of the recent storms that swept thru the bay area, take a look at what happened to the public pools at heather farm park in walnut creek. a pair of storm drains backed up sunday. and sent a river of rain, dirt and debris into the 50- meter pool, the wading pool and the diving well. the facility has been closed since then.
8:19 pm
the staff has been cleaning the water for four straight days. but since there is close to 900- thousand gallons of water in the three pools, there is still >> we are busy vacuuming up the debris from the pool and filtering, but washington the filter, the auction, clean, clear. once that happens we will check back in with the health department and they will give us the " ok ". >>pam: they estimate that it will be sometime next week before the pools will be ready for swimmers again until then, officials have re-opened the city's seasonal pool to handle the >>jacqueline: the temperatures did not warm up that much with temperatures in the 50s in the 60s. 63 degrees in napa. 60s in the san mateo and 59 degrees in pleasanton. as for current conditions temperatures in the 40's. it is going to be colder night tonight. with fairfield, vallejo, 56 in vallejo and 49 in daly city.
8:20 pm
still, we will be going into the 40's for the bay-area wide. low clouds and fog will be the story. mainly low cloud coverage. the delta bought and as we go towards saturday, some of that fog on saturday with a sunny skies expected with warmer conditions. we will take a look at the fog tracker. widespread low cloud coverage that will continue for the morning hours. still fairly spread by 8:00 a.m. it will clear out some of those low clouds by 1:00 p.m. i think that we could see more clearly than what we're showing. temperatures? 40's overnight. the 40's and san rafael, and 50s in san jose. for the afternoon highs, getting into the 60s for the south bay. 64 in cupertino.
8:21 pm
62 in san jose for the in the valleys also low 60s. the same for the east bay shore for the most part, 59 degrees in alameda, 50s along the coast. the 89 degrees in ocean beach, san francisco with 50s and 60s for the north bay. they look a your extended forecast with low clouds and fog but it could be dense. for the weekend, a little bit of fog on a saturday with clearing on the sunday but mild next week. the chance of rainfall returns on wednesday. >> coming up later, the raiders' home against patent mattin pa pryton msnninh snf donny fi--sonny diekes
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>> the bizarre saga of silicon valley software
8:24 pm
millionaire john mcafee got even stranger today. you may remember mcafee is wanted for questioning in a murder case. in the central american country of belize. these new pictures show him being taken to a hospital today in guatemala. he reportedly collapsed after being told he would not be granted political asylum. mcafee is the founder of the bay area anti-virus company that bears his name. he's been on the run for three weeks. finally surfacing yesterday in guatemala. >> they are trying to arrest me to come into the country illegally. the web site vice=dot=com was interviewing mcafee when he was taken into custody outside a luxury hotel in the capital, guatemala city. >> guatemalan jails have beds, dude and food. pretty awesome. i'm not too concerned. >> belize authorities have named him a person of interest in the murder of fellow expatriate greg faull. faull was found shot to
8:25 pm
death last month at his home just down the beach from mcafee's residence on the resort island of san pedro. mcafee says he was framed, and that he himself was in danger of being murdered by belize authorities. he reappeared this week accompanied by a young girlfriend and an entourage of reporters. >> you have never seen this before?this is my life in america, sweetie. you will see i am quite comfortable with this. as police showed up to arrest him for entering the country illegally, mcafee tweedled away with local musicians nat even in custody, he sounded relaxed. blogging on his web site, "i am using the computer of one of the wardens, or whatever title is used here. he is a sweet man and a gentleman. he makes me coffee and tells tender stories about his mcafee's lawyer originally said the 67 year old had suffered a mild heart attack. the new story is that he is being treated for stress, hypertension and an abnormally rapid heart beat.
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>>pam: ahead at eight-30. three people are behind bars. charged in connection to a series of toll booth also. where children will be shots. during what's >>jacqueline: this live look at the golden gate bridge.
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>>pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. a sacremento couple who went missing in the sierra mountains has been found. but only one survived that six day long ordeal. paula lane and her boyfriend, roderick clifton were driving through the mountains when their vehicle got stuck in a snow drift. clifton left to get help but never returned. his body was eventually found. paula was found crawling along a highway doctors say, she survived on tomatoes the couple had with them and by sheltering in a hollowed- out tree. >> a federal judge may reduce the amount a jury awarded apple in a patent lawsuit against samsung eletronics. the jury originally awarded apple over a billion dollars but a judge said it may be trimmed because the
8:32 pm
jury miscalculated damges. >> the price of parking your car at certain bart stations may be going up. bart officials are considering raising the price of parking at certain parking lots depending on the amount of cars that park there. the more it's used. the high the price. bart says this is just an idea. and the money would be used for parking lot maintance. >> a ring of alleged car theives now behind bars, in connection to series of armed robberies of toll booths here in the bay area a year and a half long investigation. ends with these 3 suspects in custody for the crimes. kron4's haaziq madyun shows you how investigators linked these men to the hold-ups >> three suspects now custody for a series of toll booth robberies on the carquinez bridge california highway patrol assistant chief sherrell sutherland >> "yes that's the ones we're talking about where they would come in, have a passenger in the back seat, commit the crime usually in a stolen car"
8:33 pm
>> stolen carsa common thread in each cascameras takinf license plates on the carquinez bridge that ultimately led to the suspects says the chp's lead investigator on the case >> "for me it's been a year and a half long investigation, i worked with vallejo police, figured out who were the car thieves in vallejo, figured out where they were at, put surveillance on them, evidence was submitted and we went from there" >> three paroleesall vallejo residents arrested in conection to the robberies are43-year-old robbert white, 30-year old david morales, and 30-year- old christoper miller, whom already has a felony strike on his recordis facing a pontential 31-years if convictedthere could be more charges if investigators link the suspects to all the robberies in the series. >> "we know of about 10, and we've linked these people to 3 of those robberies" >> in vallejo, haaziq madyun kron4news
8:34 pm
>> a man is behind bars tonight after he took san francisco police on a chase. which ended with him crashing into a constuction site and fire hydrant. thousands of gallons of water gushed into the city's south of market neighborhood. police were pulling the driver over for a minor traffic violation--- the driver drove off and crashed. the suspect was taken to the hospital. and then taken into custody. police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor. >> employees at an east bay auto parts store got quite a jolt this morning. this is video from the san leandro autozone. a customer drove through a plate glass window. right into the parts storage section this morning. fortunately no one was hurt. the driver was not cited. however the car was seriously damaged. >> holiday shopping off to a good start nationwide.. more people hitting the stores following black friday this year, compared to last year.
8:35 pm
foot traffic increased 3- point- seven percent. and sales are up 2-point-3 percent. kron 4's dan kerman was out with shoppers today. and has >> so many toys and so little time the holiday shopping season is in full swing and like many stores shoppers at this target in colma are bringing their list, checking it twice, and trying to get it down in the next 3 weeks. >> i have more people to buy for this year because we grew. >> spending? as for spending, it's a mixed bag though most plan to spend a little more this year compared to last >> why more this year? compared to last year. >> well, i guess financially i am set a better. >> but shoppers say they are not just coming into one store and buying it all. they are instead doing a lot of research at home and the best deal been a price it is
8:36 pm
definitely a factor with the way things are. so i definitely pay attention to sales. >> if you like to avoid crowds and you must get this under the tree you might want to consider shopping sooner than later shot tracker is sent to the week before christmas will be the busiest at december 16th. dan kerman colma >>pam: with warnings that this flu season could be one of the worst in recent years. target store pharmacies in the bay area. will be giving free flu shots to children ages 4 to 18. the free vaccination program is called. "shoo the flu". and it's designed to improve overall community health. the program runs through the end of the year and is being funded by the page family foundation. larry page, as you may know, is the c-e-o of google. >>jacqueline: we are going to be enjoying dry weather that has been building offshore. it will keep
8:37 pm
things off to the north. the clouds and rain also to the north in washington. take a look to our visibility. not bad. low clouds and reduced visibility and fairfield but the fog is forming. i expect to see this forming and in other locations. we will at least see that low cloud coverage especially towards the delta. the inland valleys, and the north bay valleys it is expected to clear for the afternoon. a bit warmer. details on that, coming upthe first family ushers in the holiday season in washington. by flipping the switch on the national christmas tree. (countdown) 5,4,3,2,1, (cheers & applause)
8:38 pm
>>pam: the obamas were was joined by actor neil patrick harris, who hosted the ceremony. singers kenneth "babyface" edmonds, ledisi , jason mraz, james taylor and the band the fray also >> the duchess of cambridge. kate middleton. has been discharged from a london hospital. she is pregnant and was being treated for acute morning sickness. kate was smiling when she left king edward the seventh hospital this morning-- with prince william by her side. she's heading to kensington palace to rest. the duchess is not yet 12 weeks pregnant, so the palace is not announcing a due date for the child. >> we will explain how all a pillsbury doughboy and a camera will catch a thief. >>pam: to ring in the new year is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and
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>>pam: now for today's market update. stocks post little gains amid the ongoing budget apple stock rebounded from yesterday's drop off. after c-e-o tim cook said the company would start making next year. on wall street. the dow gained nearly 40- points to close above 13- thousand. nasdaq was up 16. and the s- and-p-500 gained five points. >> first-time claims for unemployment benefits fell last week, after spiking three weeks earlier because of superstorm sandy. the labor department reported that 370-thousand people filed initial jobless claims last week. that's down 25-thousand
8:42 pm
people compared to the previous week. claims surged in mid- november, after the storm put many workers out of a job temporarily. november's jobs report is due out tomorrow. return to the new fantasyland in the magic kingdom at walt disney world in florida is officially open for business. the expansion includes more disney characters and two new themed areas -- the enchanted forest and storybook circus. the 425-million-dollar expansion is the largest in of the original fantasyland. will be opened through 20- 14. sports as next.. is next
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> you are looking at surveillance video of a bandit that has been hitting a home in livermore repeatedly the resident hopes you can idenitfy this brazen in the middle of the night thief he would steal >> cigarette packs on the front yard some garden tools that were in thr front yard one time he went in the back and a bb gun was stolen sara believes this guy has struck more than a half a dozen times all since october which makes her home sweet home not so sweet >> basically this is exactly then the guy enters and we put it up on our tv screen trying to identify the guy sara didn't use some run of survillance camera to catch a thief >> we got a little sneaky and crafty and actually put it in a pillsbury cake mix box so what exaclty did she put
8:46 pm
in a pillsbury cake mix box >> i put up my gopro in the window and tried to catch this guy the next time he came yes a simple go pro camers not so hidden inside a box of chocolate cake mix box that has a recipe for hidden treasure cupcakes but no instructions about putting a hidden go pro camera to catch a thief however no sooner than after they turned on the go pro camers stacked on two packs of newport cigerettes the bandit struck before the crude camera ideal was created sara put up a motion sensor light.that didn't work ( cow bell ) she put a cow bell on the gate so she could hear any movement and that didn't that this video will so take a look at this guy one more time and see if you contact livermore police sot: i just want him to stop i don't want him here if ansy one can identify him maybe enve scare him talke to him i just don't want anybody watching my property it"s just scary
8:47 pm
in livermore, stanley roberts, kron 4. >>jacqueline: temperatures already in the 40's this evening. fairfield, vallejo, 46 in novadto... chilly, overnight with foggy conditions right now visibility not that bad with reduced visibility. and santa rosa, we could is to the formation with low cloud coverage, overnight and tomorrow morning. temperatures slightly warmer tomorrow. he bit warmer on sunday but more comfortable sunshine fairly widespread clou fo the in the valleys,
8:48 pm
fairfield, this is the time of year when we see some pretty back fog formations for the central valley. towards 8:00 p.m., we concede not much improvements. sunny skies. as for your morning lows. 40's in santa rosa, 42 in napa. rebounding nicely for the afternoon. 50s near the coast a look a your extended forecast. even more on sunday. by midweek, the
8:49 pm
chance of showers returning to the forecast. 49ers host broncos >> dennis ellen, whose father passed away-- allen... his father, passed away in texas. and peyton manning... leading the team to another victory. polymer, interest said it, and 273
8:50 pm
yds, a couple of touchdowns. but in no consistency and palm or at the wrong time just seems to cough it up. . mcfadden, the first set mention and 13-7 at halftime a. with 14 hall of fame eres, the long line of men, willie and they flew in from canton. mr. davis's wife and the goes on and on not a pro with the highlight for the raiders fans. once they got back to playing, there was a sack, a denver recovers into place letter, no he rushed at--190 and kerstin polymer. just as we said before people need to claim have sole carson palmer..... 26- 13 = final score. three-10.
8:51 pm
broncos coach to 10-3. candlestick park the dolphins are 5-7 but have lost some close games they feature reggie bush who has resurected his career in miamihe torched the raiders earlier in the year for 100+ yards and two long touchdown runs here's patrick willis on stopping reggie bush. >> he is very elusive. very fast. but, that is about it. >> i think the our overall a pretty good team. some of those teams that have lost to overtime have been a tight games. it is going to be a good match up. >> kaepernick. >> and tell introducedad sandy barbour introduced
8:52 pm
sonny dykes today at memorial stadium (cheers & applause) >> uttdykes comes from the wac - and his louisiana tech team led the nation in scoring, total offense and first downsbut their defense was way below average he will try to put points on the board. this is going to be a long arduous process sonny dykes.... i know that that is going to drive was every day. when we come to work over goal is not only going to be to get to the rose bowl but to win it. >> i will tell you but when he walked out of the room, i said to myself i think that is the guy buta big media
8:53 pm
presence in berkeley for the press conference. dykes replaces jeff tedford who was the winningest coach in cal history i do not like guys that come in and are full of bluster if they do not back it up. and also, if they are dull? >> he just got here. >> maybe he could be blustery or may be quiet. >> and you prefer somebody with a big name? >> and yes, i had to do some research i would just say that i know about them. i guess i'm just a bad guy. and he will do a great guy. and remember that some jerk on kron said that he was a
8:54 pm
dull... >> ward suffered an injury to his right shoulder while training his upcoming january 26th super middleweight bout with kelly pavlick has been postponedthe fight was to be at the galen center in los angeles be pushed back to either feb 23 or march 2ndand may change venues as well. >> the nhl lockout. the mother has been a development but not necessarily positive. the- move-has been a development but not necessarily positive. it looks like this will not be resolved in the immediate future. >> and $775,000 jersey, next.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
>> one of the most famous if not the most famous game in baseball, dollars and the only world series perfect game in history his uniform was auctioned off. $756,000. he will put it towards his grandchildren's educations. and
8:58 pm
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